DON MILLS Registration

Summer Registration Now open

Limited space available in SPRING Caregiver and Child classes

Location: 235 the Donway East

 Summer Session Dates: July 5-Aug 17, 2022

Weekday  classes: July 5-Aug 17, 2022

Weekend classes: July 5-Aug 7, 2022

 Spring Session Dates: March26 -June 4 2022

Weekday Caregiver & Child classes: March 26-June 8, 2022

Weekend Caregiver & Child classes: March 26-May 28, 2022

Special Dates:

 October 12-14 – No Classes

 October 25-31- Halloween Week

 November 20-21 – No Classes

 December 4th* Tentative viewing day

 January 8th: Start of Winter Term

 Feb 19-21 - No Classes Family Day

 January 8, Winter Term Begins

 January 19-21, No Classes (Family Day weekend)

 February 8-13, "Love" Week Dress up for Valentine's Day 

 March 6, Last Day of Winter Term

 March 7-18, Office Closed

 March 26, First Day of Spring Session

 April 16-18, No Classes (Easter weekend)

 May 28-June 3, Last week of regular classes*

 June 4th*Recital* (Tentative)

 June 8 & 9 Last Caregiver & Child Classes

(If we are unable to hold an in person recital June 4th, drop off classes will have an extra class June 4th-June 9th).


*Parent viewing and bring a friend week are currently on hold following TPH guidelines

*Spring session includes recital costume for all drop off classes. Costume fee $100, charged at the time of registratiom.

Caregiver and child classes do not participate in recital & are not charged a costume fee.

ALL parents/guardians must sign our liability waiver prior to registering their child. Click here to go to the waiver. Please note the waiver only needs to be filled out ONCE annually.

**LIMITED CLASS SPOTS AVAILABLE following TPH guidelines**