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Liability Waiver & Photo Authorization

Liability Waiver & Photo Authorization

Parent/Guardian Information

Dancer Information

I hereby certify that my child is in good physical condition and is able to participate fully in this program. I understand the inherent risk involved in the physical activity of dancing and I release “Happy Feet Dance & Fitness”, its teachers, assistants, volunteers, owners and facility from any and all liability actions or lawsuits arising from any activity or travel relating to the program. I am aware and agree to the policies of the studio. I am aware that the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), is considered an active pandemic. I have read the Happy Feet Dance and Fitness COVID-19 response policy and procedures, and understand my responsibilities and the risks involved. Despite the extensive measures to prevent the spread of the virus, Happy Feet Dance and Fitness can not guarantee that participants will not become infected. 

I understand that from time to time Happy Feet Dance and Fitness may take photos of my child/children during class or other events. Happy Feet Dance and Fitness has my permission to use these photos on various promotional material including, but is not limited to, our website, social media posts, and printed materials.

Typing your name above, constitutes as a legal signature confirming that you have read and agree to the above statements

Thank you! Your Liability Waiver and Photo Authorization has be sent to Happy Feet Dance and Fitness

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